June 2019Review Contacts – Added PWD Utility Engineering & Support, the unit taking over responsibility for review of all GSI projects at substantially complete design from the Water/Sewer Design Branch. Also updated Streets Department Bridge Unit contact.
Street Design Guidance – Changed title from Bumpout Design Guidance since document also contains information on turning analysis, ADA ramp design, and grading plans. Minor updates to details and guidance.
Project Summaries Templates – Updated to include standard language for ERG projects.

March 2019Review Contacts – Clarified that submissions to the Streets ROW Unit should be rolled instead of folded, added copying Amy Liu on PP&R submissions for GSI park projects, updated PECO main contact, and updated SEPTA contact.

January 2019Review Contacts – Updated Streets TP&A contact, added PWD Water Conveyance review for projects with work adjacent to transmission mains.

October 2018Survey & Drawing Standards and CAD Templates – Version 2.0 with significant updates to standards, example plans, and CAD templates.
Master Green Specifications – Numerous updates made in coordination with bid items.
Bid Item List/Engineering Estimate Template – Updated with new items and unit costs in coordination with specifications.
Submission Checklists (Design) – Edited submission requirements, including adding summary table to the Geotech report, specifying supplemental information required with 50% design (replacing basis of design report), and other minor updates.
Review Contacts – Edited contact information for PP&R and Comcast, added new PGW area engineers map.

June 2018Typical Details – Details version 2.0 with significant updates.
Bumpout Design Guidance – Renamed the Turning Analysis Design Guidance and updated with more information specific to bumpout design.
GSI Adjacent to Vacant Lots Guidance – New resource with guidance for planning and design of GSI systems adjacent to vacant lots.
Review Contacts – Updated with new Committee of Highway Supervisor's list, added information for internal PWD reviews.

April 2018GSI Planning & Design Manual – Version 2.0 includes improvements and revisions throughout to planning and design guidance.

Resource Directory

A complete catalogue of all resources needed to provide GSI planning & design services to PWD. The majority of the resources can be downloaded directly from the website, though some are distributed upon request by the PWD project manager.

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