August/September 2017GreenIT Data Entry Application ‐ Moved to a web-based application. Added new system level tracking fields.
GreenIT Design Report Definitions ‐ Updated definitions to include new fields in web-based GreenIT Data Entry Application.
Submission Checklists (Design) ‐ Updated to reflect new 50% status terminology, added .DWG files to 50%, 70%, and 90% submissions, added roadway grading plans for bumpout locations, and added details to Final Design checklist relevant to GreenIT web-based application.
PSR Package ‐ Updated example PMT to show new 50% status terminology, Streets review at Preliminary Design approval, and longer review times for first submissions.
Invoice Package ‐ Listed Jillian Simmons as contract manager, updated example invoice with Preliminary Design terminology.
Review Contacts ‐ Submission to Streets ROW Unit is now only for projects with curbline changes ‐ all other projects will be submitted to TP&A Unit. ROW submission requirements also edited. Time of submission to ROW and TP&A changed to Preliminary Design approval, and time of submission to Streets City Plan Unit changed to Substantially Complete Design approval. PWD GSI Maintenance group title changed to PWD Green Stormwater Operations, and internal PWD submissions during Preliminary Design were added for GSI sewer plans and pilot projects.

June 2017Review Contacts ‐ Added reviews for Environmental Restoration Group projects. Updated SEPTA and PECO contacts in the CHS list, included an updated PGW area map with recent contact changes.
Standard Details Addendum ‐ New resource presenting modifications to component details C-2, C-10, C-22, and C-43.
Standard Details CAD Files ‐ Updated .zip folder with details modified in addendum.
Bid Tab Items & Costs List ‐ Updated unit costs based on 2016 bids, added/removed line items to reflect current bidding practice. Request from Project Manager.

Resource Directory

A complete catalogue of all resources needed to provide GSI planning & design services to PWD. The majority of the resources can be downloaded directly from the website, though some are distributed upon request by the PWD project manager.

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